Transforming Spaces

Fernando Vazquez Studio is an award-winning design practice founded by Fernando Vazquez, AIA based in Marina del Rey, CA. The firm delivers admirable consistency for clients who often combine big dreams with modest means. Each project is meticulously crafted to serve the client’s goals, resources and organization. The firm’s contemporary architecture, interior design and urban design stand out as boldly formed, cleanly detailed, intensely colorful and highly effective, supporting its commitment to progressive causes and the spiritual joy that comes from good design.

These beautifully photographed projects in the U.S. and Japan make this profusely illustrated tour of the work of Fernando Vazquez Studio an enjoyable and satisfying volume to be studied again and again.

108 pages / 150 color photos / 10” x 9.25” / hardbound / ISBN: 978-09834501-9-1 / 

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