Hotel & Restaurant Design No.2

Hotel and Restaurant Design 2 showcases the most current, inspirational design solutions gathered from 36 leading architecture/design firms and features over 160 international projects in the hotel, resort, spa, theater and restaurant fields. It has become increasingly obvious that people have come to expect a certain level of excellence when they dine out, go on vacation, or travel for business. Additionally, travel and leisure activity consume more and more of an increasingly sophisticated public's time. Hotel and Restaurant Design 2 illustrates how architects and designers have met these needs and time constraints. Corporate road warriors and adventurous vacationers exploring ever more far-flung destinations are discovering that service and accommodations have attained world-class standards without losing the distinct flavors of local cultures. Hotel and Restaurant Design No. 2 is user friendly, with each project indexed for easy reference.

274 pages / 5100 color photos / 9" x 12" / hardbound / ISBN 978-158471107 /
Price: $60.00