Detroit Modern: 1935 - 1985


Visitors to Detroit may not realize what residents of the Motor City have known for decades: metropolitan Detroit is a stunning showcase of mid-century modern houses. Endowed with old growth trees, rolling topography and miles of lakefront, the Detroit area inspired talented architects and their progressive clients to create uniquely beautiful residences that were seamlessly integrated with lush natural surroundings. Detroit landscape designer and contractor Peter Forguson has shaped and maintained the grounds of many of these structures, and the comprehensive list he has compiled of the best examples is now a breathtaking book, Detroit Modern:1935-1985.

With nearly 500 superb photographs on sparkling pages designed by Marla Meltzer, Forguson leads readers on a memorable tour of 70 masterpieces of mid-century residential architecture that brings to life the shared visions of architects and clients. Exterior and interior views show the long, clean lines and simple, unadorned beauty of perfect proportions and top-quality materials that characterize the finest work of the period. Through these images readers can sense not only the artistic achievement these homes represent, but also the experiences of the families who occupy them.


ISBN 13: 978-1-7362731-3-5

Available: October 15th, 2022

Retail Price: $100.00

Size: 12” x 10”  inches

Pages: 300

Images: 387 color photos

Binding: Hard Bound

Interior pages: Full Color

Subject category: Architecture/interior design