Design Excellence: Mojo Stumer Associates


Presented in this book is the best work of Mojo-Stumer, an award-winning architecture firm based in Greenvale, New York. Founded in 1980 by Thomas J. Mojo and Mark D. Stumer, Mojo-Stumer Associates designs planning, architecture and interior design projects for commercial, institutional and residential clients who value the firm’s emphasis on design creativity, technical skill and customer service. Mojo-Stumer Associates deals with a wide range of building and is frequently commissioned for the design of private residences, corporate offices, leisure facilities, and retail facilities.
Lavishly illustrated with over 250 full-color photographs, "Design Excellence" takes readers on a walk through over 35 projects built by this award-winning architecture firm. The firm has become world-renowned for their unmistakably sleek and innovative work in private residences, corporate offices, and leisure. Whether designing a Hamptons getaway or the conference room for an advertising agency, Mojo-Stumer carefully considers each building's environment and each clients' individual needs, while maintaining the firm's core aesthetic of stream-lined, modern design. With thoughtful text written by Roger Yee, this volume demonstrates how to solve complex program issues (such as spatial arrangement, atmosphere, budgets, materials, and clients' day-to-day needs) in a manner that is powerful and impressive, yet soothing to the eye. This compendium provides a standard for architectural luxury, modern design, and innovative use of space that

176 pages / 250 color photos / 10.25” x 10.25” / hardbound / ISBN: 978-0-9825989-1-7 /

Price: $60.00