Graphics for Architecture: Archigrafika


No matter how carefully planned and designed our buildings, interior spaces and communities are, we are lost in them without architectural graphics to guide us. In fact, the most effective graphics are so closely associated with their environments that they become integral components. How varied, inventive and indispensable architectural graphics can be is splendidly illustrated in the work of Archigrafika, an award-winning graphic design firm in New York founded in 2009 by its creative director, Michael Gerbino.

In the pages of Archigrafika – Graphics for Architecture, a new, profusely illustrated, 240-page book published by Visual Profile Books, readers will be surprised by the countless ways the firm uses graphic design to create unique, attractive and vital settings for clients as varied as Aon, Citibank, Pratt Institute, New York Foundling, Willis Towers Watson, St. Paul’s Chapel and Green-Wood Cemetery. For example, Archigrafika and leading architects developed offices in eight cities for Willis Towers Watson, a global risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company, that joyously celebrate each location’s history and culture, connecting its staff and community to their employer.

Viewing these and numerous other Archigrafika projects, readers may conclude architectural graphics are functional works of art--which they clearly are.


ISBN-13: 978-1-7330648-0-4  

ISBN-10: 1-7330648-0-X

Pages: 240

Size: 10.25" x 10.25"

Images: 230 colored photos

Binding: Hard Cover