Amazing Bespoke Kids Interiors


Amazing Spaces for Amazing Kids

Every child knows there are places where only children can go. They may be beckoning in the nearest closet or hiding in make-believe worlds, but they are as real as a child’s imagination.

In the pages of Amazing Bespoke Kids Interiors readers can peer inside some of the unique projects from the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Children of all ages will be intrigued by such one-of-a-kind sights as a magic tree house, a royal, carriage-shaped crib, an enchanted fairyland forest, and a fun-filled clubhouse and loft—each one crafted from scratch--that can actually be entered, touched and explored.

Each Thinkterior project is founded on functional design, unfettered imagination, quality materials and workmanship, and uncompromised product safety, following U.S. standards, the strictest in the world. To ensure that Amazing Bespoke Kids Interiors embody the latest thinking about ergonomics and safety, Thinkterior continuously monitors regulations and research from government agencies, businesses and academia in order to incorporate them. 

Jones and his colleagues have proudly designed, fabricated and installed most if not all Bespoke Kids Interiors for families in what amount to turnkey projects, giving them maximum control over their work. This remains Thinkterior’s preferred modus operandi. Of course, the firm’s expanding outreach to families worldwide has necessitated introducing other options. Now, in addition to offering turnkey service, Thinkterior can also design a space and fabricate its furniture and architectural elements to be shipped and installed by others, or simply design projects for others to fabricate and install. “I continue to believe the best outcomes for our clients come from letting us do everything,” Jones understandably maintains.

Walt Disney, who built an entertainment empire based on stimulating the imagination of children everywhere, liked to insist, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Price: $19.95

Page: 60

Size: 7.5" x 10"

ISBN 13: 9780983450139