20/20: Graham Hanson Design-Digital Version


When you think about the products and services you use-from such prominent manufacturers as General Motors, Panasonic and Nestlé or such leading cultural and commercial organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, Macklowe Properties and Saks Fifth Avenue--what visual images come to mind? Graphic design frequently defines and reinforces our connections to these businesses. Many of the most powerful examples have been developed by Graham Hanson Design, a New York-based graphic design firm that has served the business world for two decades.

Now, Graham Hanson Design shares its insights in solving the challenges of the business world in branding and growth through a new, profusely illustrated book, 20/20: Graham Hanson Design. Published by Visual Profile Books, 20/20: Graham Hanson Design presents 20 of the most successful outcomes it has created for clients in its first 20 years of practice. In this monograph, firm principal and founder Graham Hanson and his colleagues describe how they work with clients and other team members to produce effective, award-winning results in branding, interactive media, marketing and three-dimensional environments.


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Pages: 200

Size: 10.25 x 10.25

Images: 279

Binding: Hard Bound

ISBN 10: 0-9975489-6-7

ISBN 13: 978-0-9975489-6-9